“Photographing Naadam, rafting down the Tamir in an inner tube, jumping with Mitga on our horses (she is a horse jumper) fishing with Timmy and John Booker, enjoying star gazing at 2 AM with Boyna”  -Penelope


“The peace” -Simran


“This trip restored confidence in my riding after my accident last month. I loved the hammock, nutella, my birthday celebrations, and time spent in a no wifi zone.” -Barbara


“Riding, the open landscape, the day to day experiences.” -Maiya


“The awesome scenery, being in the middle of nowhere, living in a yurt, camping, riding, all the farm animals living amongst us, being a purple ninja when I tumbled off my horse and stood up (like an Olympic gymnast!)” -Bryna


“Riding horses, Lapis Sky Camp. A herd of horses running free beside us on the pass.” -Steph


“There was something new and interesting everyday. Great staff, great clients, it was a lot of fun. Trip of a lifetime.” -Rose


“Of course—the horses. Gher visit to Tarva and Jhargal’s. Mongolian hospitality. Special people. And the van adventure- truly!” -Karen


“Breathtaking. I really didn’t think it would be as beautiful as it is. Beauty is special. The professionalism of the staff. Their eagerness to help. I appreciated John Booker’s fly fishing lessons.” -Ron


“Teaching Boyna to swim in the Tamir, yoga with Carroll with buttercups stuck in our toes, cowboys playing and tossing cowpies at the winter settlement, fishing.” -Heather


” I have over 100 highlights. My horse- I named “Little Arrow”-riding him bareback. When Tina sang Mongolian song with Boyna to the staff.” -C.K.


 “I have dozens of highlights. I genuinely appreciated the rich commentary on our experience- the anthropology and photography, I enjoyed the animals in the nighttime- crunching as they ate near our heads at night, their eyes glowing in the dark on the way to take a pee, walking into yaks and cows.” -Bill


“You guys did a tremendous job. I feel I got to really know Mongolian country life and people. I enjoyed making sausage and was very impressed with the shaman. I liked my horse- a good fit.” -Chauncy


“Mandal mountain pilgrimage was very important to me. I will never forget peoples faces- their faces here are so filled with character. I loved the cowboys singing filling the vast spaces, I enjoyed riding. Tom and Carroll, you helped us access a special place and culture.” -Susan


“It is an amazing country and people. Like an onion, peel back stories, and more stories beneath. I remember when that huge herd of 500 sheep came and surrounded Zan. I of course loved singing with Chauncy and really loved being on top of Mandal mountain with Susan and who won’t forget (Bryna) purple Ninja (she rode in a purple jump suit).” -Tina